Sensor DDS® LAM is a fully functioned alarm system for installation in conjunction with a Sensor DDS® FIXED system (such as the DuAL system). Utilising tried and tested industrial technology it is a robust and effective solution brought to you at a sensible cost. Sensor DDS® LAM is a mid-range monitoring device that provides great functionality, as well as the possibility to purchase a portable leak measuring module which the client can then use himself in order to gather leak data without needing Sensor to attend site.

LAM panels can be sited inside or outside and can be supplied with UPS battery backup to prevent down time in the event of power failures and in addition can be supplied with solar panel power supplies in case the site has no available mains supply.

In the event of a leak occurring after initial installation the panel will enter an alarm state, providing an audible tone of differing intensity depending on client requirements. The LAM can show the affected zone immediately on a touchscreen display and an optional portable leak measuring module can be used to further increase the positioning resolution and enable swift identification of the cause. Furthermore a touchscreen display enables the client to change basic parameters such as email and sms alerting recipients and to view the historical data about the state of the geomembrane installation.

LAM Panel

Sensor DDS® LAM can warn that damage has occurred in a particular zone. Once an alarm has been received the site needs to be tested using a portable measuring module (by separate purchase, this can be done by the client or Sensor directly on site).

Advantages of our fully functioned Leak Alarm Module:

  • Low relative cost of entry to a 24/7 monitored solution
  • Immediate notification of damage occurring including a zoned alert
  • Additional independence for the client (with additional purchase of the portable measuring module)
  • Minimisation of leakage volume
  • Eliminates need for regular manual testing