Damage positioning with permanent leak detection system

Sensor DDS® DuAL is a sophisticated version of the permanent leak location system, it utilises a grid of DDS sensors which are between two non-electrically conductive geomembranes.

Once covered there is no further access to the installed components which are covered by a 30 year warranty backed by our BAM Certificate which confirms after destructive testing that a minimum life expectancy is thirty years. In reality you can expect the buried system components to have a lifespan in excess of 150 years.

The DDS sensors are arranged in a regular grid pattern and usually spaced at 16' x 16' grid spacing depending on site conditions and client's requirements in terms of output resolution. The general rule is that denser the grid, the more accurately the damage can be positioned.

The DDS sensors are non-metal made from specially developed semiconductors with specific electrical parameters that allows us to monitor distribution of current flow next to the geomembrane.

DDS cables connect the DDS sensors to the measuring station using a single length of virgin cable without crimps or connections in line. The DDS cable are proprietary and contain no element of PVC the DDS cables also have 316L cords for strength in order to prevent snapping under load (once buried).

The Sensor DDS® DuAL system requires intermittent retesting to confirm continued integrity of the liner (unless permanent monitoring like SENSOR DDS® LAM or SENSOR DDS® RMS are installed on the site). This means that the some portable computers need to be connected to the site based measuring station that was installed during the site construction. During this planned retesting process the connected computers rapidly measure large areas of buried liner with no limitation on depth. Any defects are detected, located and exposed for repair by a geomembrane liner installer.

The Sensor DDS® DuAL system can have alarms and automated monitoring options added.

Fixed Leak Location Station

After initial installation the integrity of the geomembrane can be checked whenever you need to, or in regular intervals and certificates of the integrity can be issued after each test.

Sensor conceived this concept and was the first company to develop and install a permanent electronic leak detection system, now over 30 years old.

  • Can be installed in association with any type of (non-conductive) liner / moisture barrier
  • Quick on-site measurement process
  • Measurement process quicker than by Sensor DDS® Dipole
  • Not limited by depth, or type of covering
  • Can be installed to test liners beneath non-electrically conductive coverings
  • Rule out your liner as the cause of any contamination you could be otherwise blamed for!